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  • I have been working with Pioneer Property for the past one and half decades. I am very happy with their service and our relationship has been quite fruitful. Pioneer's well coordinated and transparent approach has been effective in our mutual growth...

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  • We see you as a very important partner for our growth. Your sincerity and dedication in execution is really appreciable. Strategic reporting, extensive database and prompt actions are some of the unique features that give Pioneer a cut above the rest in the market. Our dealing with Pioneer has been very smooth and entrepreneurial support throughout the completion of our project has been phenomenal...

    - Sumit Dabriwal - Managing Director, Hiland Group


"Consolidated Growth": Kolkata's Real Estate Market Post Demonetisation
Posted By : Pioneer Property Management Ltd.

When everyone had just liquidated their festive expenses and winter was just knocking the door, India got a big surprise with the move of 'Demonetisation' of higher denomination currency notes of Rs.500 and Rs.1000. On 8th November, 2016, the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi rolled out the decisive move of demonetisation. Demonetisation has been done mainly in order to wipe out black money, curb counterfeiting, strengthen economic and banking systems at large and fight terrorism from the core.

Demonetisation for the larger good

It is a fact that short-term irregularities & inconveniences have been faced by the common citizens as a result of restrictions in withdrawal and new note supplies at the very beginning. However, with true nationalistic spirit, the citizens have kept their acute patience for securing the country's future. The situation is quite stable now and we are on a dynamic launch pad from where the flight of business success will take-off smoothly.

The impact of demonetisation especially on the Real Estate Market is deemed to be very progressive. It will strengthen the market pulse eliminating the grey elements from the core. The banking sector which forms the backbone of the Indian economy, has received abundant funds as a result of the demonetisation. This will in turn trigger the banks to pass on the benefits to the end-users in the form of loans at lower interest rates. This will further consolidate the affordable housing segment and will ensure that everyone can accomplish their dreams of having permanent homes. From now onwards, every transactions will be accountable in the system. This will also boost PE (Private Equity) and FDI (Foreign Direct Investments) and make the sector's functioning at par with global standards.

A dynamic facelift for Kolkata's market

Real Estate is one of the most promising engines of growth in West Bengal in terms of contribution to the States' exchequer, employment generation and mounting the urban infrastructure to new heights of global dynamism. However, much to our misfortune, the sector has long been grappling with a bad reputation of unaccounted dealings and predominance of black money. As a result of this, the organized and honest industry players were paying huge costs. The brilliant move of demonetisation seems to have put end to this once and for all. A new dawn of optimism has been created for the hard working and honest developers and real estate consultants. A level playing field will be formed that would be beneficial for the overall benefit of the sector. CREDAI Bengal has also welcomed this move and stated that it will be beneficial in the long-run. Along with that the State's Government continuous efforts to enrich the business environment and streamline regulatory environment in the sector has given the market a dynamic facelift.

Invest now to reap maximum benefits

The time is really conducive for making the best purchase snow. Kolkata provides you the right incentives to leverage the synergies in terms of owning your dream home and simultaneously reap great returns on your investments. The prevalent pricing structure in Kolkata is lowest amongst all the metros. The funding by the home buyers takes place primarily through banks and financial institutions. Cash deals are very rare and with demonetisation they will be completely neutralized. The core city grows exponentially over time with rapid development of social and civic infrastructure with brisk urbanization. These are the driving forces for sustainable demand for affordable residential properties in and around Kolkata. The city provides the best residential options with world class amenities and facilities in the budget bracket of Rs. 25 to Rs. 70 lakhs.

The city's growth in IT/ITeS sector over the years has been also phenomenal. Young population mainly in the age bracket of 20 to 35 years with rising disposable incomes are forming a sizeable portion of the end-users' demand pie. They choose upscale lifestyle and prefer gated communities with classy amenities and specifications at reasonable pricing.

Demand is high and as per the basic law of demand, prices are going to appreciate in the coming times. So, purchase now to get the best home for yourself and invest now to reap the maximum benefits!

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